Winter A/C Protection

How to protect your A/C for the Winter

If you are a resident of Southern California, you know all too well the value of a properly functioning air conditioner. Our summer heat reaches levels that are unmatched in many parts of the world, and the sting of being stuck inside without the characteristic cool of a quality air conditioner is almost as bad as standing outside in the bellowing sun. 

As the summer scorch comes to an anticipated end, it’s time to think about how to maintain our trusted air conditioning unit throughout the cooler winter months so that it will be ready to save us from exhaustion when the seasons inevitably circle back around next year. 

To keep your air conditioner in excellent shape over the winter, try implementing these four (4) tips:

Remove obstructions near your air conditioning unit.

  • Discard any tree branches, leaves, plants, brush, etc. that may be encroaching upon your unit. They have a way of clogging the fans and thereby lowering the efficiency of your air conditioner. Do yourself a favor and provide regular clean-up around your unit to avoid any major build-up of these natural materials. Keep all other objects at a decent distance away to not contribute to this problem.

Visually inspect the connection tubing for cracks, rust, and/or missing parts.

  • Doing this quick inspection and potentially initiating repair or replacement before winter approaches can be the difference between a simple maintenance fee and a complete replacement of your air conditioning unit. The winter temperatures put a strain on these elements of your system and will fare much better if in proper working condition before this trying time.

Place a cheap piece of plywood over your air conditioner

  • This is a simple way to avoid dirt and debris buildup inside of your air conditioning unit where clean-up is more difficult to execute. Remember to remove the wood after the winter months are over and you approach the season of air conditioning once again.

Tighten up all nuts and bolts

  • Although small, nuts and bolts maintain the integrity of the air conditioning structure and function so ensuring they will not easily vibrate off the unit and cause a number of issues is vital.

These four (4) handy tips can be easily executed by almost everyone. However, if you need help in any way to prepare your unit for winter, please do not hesitate to call us and have one of our skilled technicians inspect and perform these adjustments for you. 


We service the San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita and Ventura County area. We pride ourselves on being the best in the business and truly aim to provide the best customer service experience and repairs and installation services around. 

To show your appreciation to your air conditioning unit for keeping you comfortable all summer long, we highly recommend the above tips for getting your unit through the upcoming winter months in pristine condition so it will not give you a problem when California’s iconic hot weather rolls around the corner next spring and summer.

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