Plumber Or Handyman

You may be wondering, is it necessary to hire a licensed plumber over a potentially more affordable handyman? Residents may have chosen to solicit a handyman instead of a licensed plumber in an attempt to save money, only to realize later that that may have not been their best course of action. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis of why hiring a licensed plumber trumps the perceived savings that a handyman may offer. 


What is a Handyman?

A handyman (or woman) is someone who can typically possess a wide range of skills to fix or improve smaller projects around the home and workplace. These individuals are usually self-taught and have not undergone professional training or apprenticeship. 

Why Hire a Handyman?

As previously mentioned, handymen are best suited for smaller jobs around the home or workplace. For example, window screen replacement, interior painting, kitchen drawer knob replacement, etc. are all ideal projects to hire a handyman to complete. In these circumstances, a handyman could indeed save you money over hiring a professional in these specific fields, however, be aware that because no license is required the quality of service you may receive will be unknown and highly variable. 


What is a Journeyman, Master, or Licensed Plumber?

Unlike a handyman, a journeyman or master plumber is a licensed professional in his or her line of work. These professionals have earned their title via apprenticeship, passed qualification exams, and tests of competency in their trade.


The plumbing profession is multi-faceted and complex and requires plumbers to gain an extensive knowledge of physics and chemistry; they must understand the properties and behaviors of gases, liquids, and pressure under different environmental conditions and how a single change in a plumbing system can cause an assortment of complications.


Why Hire a Licensed Plumber?

A licensed plumber is properly educated in his/her field and has obtained and maintained all local regulations and laws that ensure safety compliance. Their wide breadth of knowledge in the industry will help guarantee your property is kept safe and up to code. These highly trained professionals are able to properly assess and diagnose problems and further execute complex plumbing repairs in general and in older homes that have plumbing that has been potentially neglected or serviced by inexperienced individuals. 


There are great risks associated with employing handymen that are not licensed or insured. Complex plumbing repairs and installation jobs need experienced professionals in order to prevent exposure to inadequate workmanship, health hazards, and overall potential dangers. A licensed plumber not only is subject to the consequences of violating local and state regulations but also their reputation and livelihood is at stake if they do not perform the services they offer appropriately. 


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