Sewer Line Repair

Which Sewer Repair suits me?

Traditional sewer repair and trenchless sewer are two different ways in which you can fix a broken sewer line.

A Professional Plumber Working on a Traditional Sewer

While repairing a traditional sewer, a backhoe is used to open up a trench to get a hold of the main sewer line. Technicians will locate a problem and take great action to fix the problem as soon as possible. Repair is often required if big segments need to be replaced. This process will result in your backyard being entirely dug up.

Repairing a Trenchless Sewer

Unlike a Traditional Sewer, repairing isn’t always because of the line itself. Luckily, there isn’t any digging required. The plumber will install a tiny camera allowing a clear view of the sewer line, which will help inspect the inner surrounding of the pipe. With this advanced form of technology, this cancels out digging and helps the plumber detect the problem in no time.

After identifying the problem and it has been fixed, use a hydro-jetter to remove the debris or tree roots that have been stuck. If you notice the pipe has been damaged, you can realign it with a solution called “cured in place pipe.” This substance can be put in the old pipe. If the entire pipe is damaged and needs to be repaired, pipe bursting can be done. Pipe bursting is a process in which a new pipe is used and inserted into the old one. Once they have been inserted into each other, the rusty old pipe will snap, allowing it to make room for the new pipe.

Trenchless Sewer repair advantages:

-It is less invasive compared to the others.
-Trenchless repair is faster and normally cheaper than the traditional sewer.

Since your main line is placed under your house and yard, your sewer line is more likely to become damaged from the tree root.

Tree roots are the most common form of damage to the line. The roots in your yard will squeeze and push down the pipe, either causing it to break or block the line. This will cause rupture and blocking the flow in the pipe.

As time passes, buildup of minerals and debris may end up in your water, onto the pipes. With the sediment buildup, it may cause blockage and great pressure allowing the pipe to rupture.

Since many sewer lines are made from metal, it causes the lines to rust. Rusting over a long period of time will cause cracks and rupture. This damage usually occurs if your home is old of age or made of substandard materials.

Great pressure is also another factor that causes damage. If high pressure is placed onto the pipe walls it can cause it to perform inefficiently.

Shifting of the line underground may result in the line detaching, breaking off or bending. A cause of this shift can be from earthquakes or any natural disasters.

Signs of Damaged Sewer Lines

-Tree Roots: causing pressure and results to rupture

-Sewage Backups: if water comes out of the drains it may be because of a blockage in the line

-Drain Blockage: it will cause clog in the sewer line

-Sewer gas smell: destruction to the line may cause flow back to your home’s pipes, sewage odor will expand around your home

-Slow Draining: Blockage will slow down the flow in the pipes

-Spots in yard: leakage in the yard will cause to over flow onto the ground, flooding will soften and soak up the yard

Where do I start?

You call  West Coast with Jonathan Davis to schedule a consultation. They will provide great service to help you figure out what the problem is. If it is severe or minor, our specialists can help you overcome the damage.


If you are in need of residential plumbing, West Coast service will assist you. This repair service will cover everything you need to know, some helpful tips, what you should be alert about and great at providing service in your area.

Some information about our employees

Our professional employees are qualified to complete any job. With our loyal staff, we are there for all your needs. Our service covers all different aspects of your home. We are here for all your plumbing needs such as repairing your heater, leakage in water, clogged toilet, problems with the sewer line, leakage in faucets, and many more. Not only do we repair, we also install the systems in your desired area. We install faucets, drains, pipes, sinks, water heaters, garbage disposals and many more.


West Coast is open for 24 hours to fulfill your plumbing needs. You can call now and book a consultation with one of your staff members to assure your plumbing and installation needs.

Why is it important to hire a skilled contractor in Los Angeles?

Any area located in the Los Angeles area, happen to be apart of a waste water removal system. If any problems occur involving the Los Angeles sewer lines, service will be provided as soon as possible. Any problems with the sewer line must be dealt with instantly or else property damage may occur.

Many problems, for example, sediment buildup, tree root infiltration and lateral line problems need to be taken care of by a professional. You need to hire an expert whom is aware of how to

solve the problem. Our well trusted staff are licensed and trained for any situation that can occur. Our business is known to preform and fix backup in the pipes, breaking, clogs, leaks, pressure against the pipes, cracked pipes and many more. We have trained our plumbers to provide excellent service for all different factors. With our knowledgable staff and advanced tools, you won’t be disappointed on the service you will receive.


Our business has come to a method that many customers enjoy. Your backyard or driveway will not be dug up or disorganized. Our services are provided by a camera, in which does no harm to the appearance of your property.

The process will be explained below:

– First, we will detect the problem and map out some solutions.

– Second, the drains will later be cleaned and clear to have a clean view.

– Third, the drains will begin drying with compressed air.

– After, an epoxy lining process will be done by one of our experts.

– After, some tests will be done, to be certain about the work that will be preformed. – At last, a camera will be inserted to finalize and fix the problem.

Some facts about sewer repair services

Most residential areas have at lease 3-4 inch pipeline till their property boundaries or sidewalk. For more severe cases, the pipe will be made longer up to about six inches. This addition will reach till the middle of the streets. Since the underground pipes are reaching the streets, many consumers have questions. Some questions and concerns involve the city and their lack of responsibility. Consumers are concerned if they have to install the six inch pipe. Questions like this appear:

– Why do I have to fix it, if its intersecting the underground streets?

– – Isn’t it the city’s responsibility to install this lateral pipe? Regulations

Stated in the Los Angeles Department of Public Works “Maintenance of the sewer lateral, the sewer that carries wastewater from buildings to the public sewer is the responsibility of the property owner as described in the City’s Municipal Code.”

If any questions appear, please feel free to contact Jonathan Davis at West Coast 

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