Benefits of Modern Leak Detection Technology

Benefits of Modern Leak Detection Technology

Many homes have been made or repaired with sub par plumbing materials. The result of this is failed connections, broken pipes, and worse. Faulty materials or repairs can result in water damage. Damage to homes created by water damage is twice as problematic as fires and burglaries combined. It is a homeowner’s desire to safeguard their home and property. For this reason, water leak detection is imperative. Water leak detection can reveal possible problems that can be very expensive.

Indications of Water Leaks

One of the signs of a water leak in the home can be a combination of a shockingly high water bill and a water meter reading. Another sign of a potential water leak can be mildew or mold on walls, not including shower walls. Sagging and stained ceilings, walls, and flooring can also be an indication of a water leak in the home.

Video Camera Inspections

In-line drain and sewer problems can be observed and discovered with the use of video camera equipment. Commonly, an infrared camera is inserted into a roof vent, clean-out, or toilet drain line. They can accurately pin-point problematic areas like cracks, pipe decay, and blockages. Video inspections can reveal minor problems so they can be fixed before they become major problems, like sewer repair.

Hydrostatic Pressure Tests

A hydrostatic pressure test is a very useful test done in sanitary sewer systems. It may point out existing water leaks in an underground plumbing system. In this test, an inflatable ball is put into the main sewer line clean-out. When the ball is inflated, it blocks the main sewer line. Then water fills in the plumbing system up to its proper slab level. The water is allowed to sit and is carefully watched for 20 minutes. If the water recedes, or otherwise cannot reach slab level, this is an indication of a water leak.

Detecting a Slab Leak

Slab leak detection can be done using line tracing equipment, static pressure testing, in combination with a video camera pipe inspection. Precision slab leak detection is typical using this technique. The equipment and technique used here can deliver a detailed assessment of the situation. It can determine the quantity of water that is leaking under a slab under normal conditions and so much more.

Electronic Listening Devices

They make a way for technicians to hear all types of water leaks far into the water lines. After the location of a leak is singled out, a line tracer system can be introduced. This line tracer system sends out a small electric charge into the water line. Determining the specific location of the leak becomes possible using this method.

Static Leak Isolation

Static leak isolation is a detection process that combines sewer video camera inspection with hydrostatic pressure testing. First, an in-line sewer video camera is utilized to figure out the optimal placement of the system to obtain a view of the sanitary sewer system. Then, hydrostatic pressure testing can pinpoint locations under a slab sewer system where a leak could be happening. Next, inflatable test balls can be used in the system to determine specific spots in the line where a leak might be.

Digital Water Leak Detection

These digital devices are able to find various water leaks in an elaborate network. They incorporate the use of amplifiers to discover sounds related to leaks. They have a noise filter that removes outside noise such as passing cars, footsteps, people talking, birds chirping, etc. A bar graph is also provided along with a volume level display.

This modern leak detection technology can help technicians locate the precise location of a leak, avoiding high costs involved with property digging. These methods do not destroy property and are non-invasive. This will not damage the property in any way. This technology allows the technician to locate the leak and repair it without leaving behind any trace or damages.


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