Salt Water Corrosion on Plumbing in So. Cal.

Salt Water Corrosion on Plumbing in Southern California

Living by the shore in Southern California has many alluring qualities, not of which is the ocean’s negative impact on your home’s plumbing. Salt water corrosion on your pipes calls for a qualified plumbing technician to inspect the damage and make applicable repairs. If left alone, this type of corrosion can ruin your property and cost a great deal to remedy.

Types of Pipes and Corresponding Corrosion

Depending on the type of material used to form the pipes, the level of corrosion from salt water will vary. Copper pipes are the most susceptible to corrosion in this manner as they tend to react with the salt water to break down and distort the structure of the pipeline. Although more resistant than copper, galvanized steel and cast iron also can show signs of wear from salt water. Plastic piping, however, typically does not deteriorate from salt water and therefore is a great option for homes built close to the beach. It is advantageous to learn where your pipes are most vulnerable to salt water exposure and when and how to recognize corrosion before it becomes a major issue.

Signs of Corrosion

The type of material your pipes are made out of will determine how to spot their corresponding corrosion. Copper pipes will initially turn a greenish-blue color when corrosion begins and eventually lead to peeling and flaking and further breakdown of the pipe’s structural integrity until bursting or cracking occurs. Steel or iron pipes display corrosion by changing the water they are funneling into the faucets. The water will come out looking brown or reddish, and be especially noticeable if it is standing water versus running water. There are instances where the above mentioned signs can be caused by something else. Also, sometimes corrosion will not display any obvious signs at all. It is best to hire a local plumber that can not only inspect your pipes if you do notice signs of corrosion, but also for regular maintenance visits to ensure the integrity of your piping remains in good shape to avoid damaging levels of corrosion in the first place. 

Corroded Pipes Repairs

Depending on the level of corrosion your pipes have endured, you may need to contract a trained plumber to conduct a complete re-piping for your home or maybe only replacement of a few sections of pipes. Salt water that has found its way into your pipes will corrode them quickly and will need to be completely flushed out. 

Preventative measures to avoid salt water damage would be external covers on your pipes and careful action to not allow salt water to enter inside of your pipes inside of your home.Take head to prevent flooding from occurring. If you are unsure how to execute these precautions or simply need help doing so, contact a qualified plumbing professional. 

Our competent plumbers at West Coast Plumbing & Air have the knowledge and ability to handle salt water corrosion by either repairing or re-piping the plumbing lines for your home. Contact us today if you live near a Southern California coastline and need assistance in these matters. 


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