What is Hydro Jetting


If you ever had to unclog a drain, you will know that using a plunger can work for a minor problem. There are times when the clog is severe and requires more effort and attention, like chemical liquid cleaners, the snake tool, or hydro-jetting.
Although commonly used, chemical drain cleaners such as “Drano” can cause more harm than good in the long run damaging your drain system.
Snaking the drain might clear a clogged drain, however, it will not remove residue along the lining of the pipe which may lead to greater clogs in the future.
Hydro-jetting uses only water to power flush your drain system without the use of chemicals, which is not only environmentally friendly, but better for your pipes as well. Water is released from a hose attached to a high-pressure nozzle at one end and a vacuum pump at the other. The water is released around 1,500 psi but it can reach 4,000 psi. The hose is fed into the pipe and the pressure of the water dislodges debris, grease, and sediment from the lining of the sewer pipe. It should only be performed by a professional.
A camera inspection is done by feeding a camera into the clogged pipe which allows the plumber to decide which nozzle to use. Then the hose and nozzle are inserted into the pipe which is attached to a water pump. The plumber will then turn on the pump releasing the water from the hose with a high pressure water stream that will clear the debris or buildup from the drain and sewer. Hydro-jetting takes advantage of gravity as water goes up the drain pipes with enough pressure to break down the blockage and then the debris will finally flow down the sewer lines with the water used to dislodge it.

How much does Hydro-jetting cost?

Severe sewer line problems can easily cost thousands of dollars to repair, but this can be avoided if the proper prevention steps are taken ahead of time.
Regular sewer line maintenance using the Hydro-jetting method can keep your pipes free from debris and prevent future clogging, headaches, and save you money in the long run.
Everything you put into the drain may be leaving behind some form of debris or sediment as all the waste we have at home typically ends up in one of two places: the garbage bin or in our sewer system.
Regular Hydro-jetting services range from $250 to $600 for typical jobs.  Hydro-jetting is the most recommended method of plumbers for various reasons:
Reliability– since the water pressure is adjustable, plumbers can easily change the water pressure until the sediment or debris is dislodged completely.
Easy maintenance – Snaking a drain will not remove residue along the lining of the pipe which may cause future clogs. Hydro-jetting‘s use of pressurized water removes all buildup and grime along the edges giving better maintenance to your sewer line. 
Eco friendly – Hydro-jetting only uses water to power wash your pipes making it the most environmentally friendly option.
Long term savings – Power washing the lining of your pipes is a great preventative method which eliminates all debris and buildup that could cause a clog later.

Schedule a professional !

If your pipes are neglected and a clog becomes severe, the price of this service can reach in excess of $1,000 or even more! Some factors that increase the cost of the service are: location of the blockage and the type of blockage. Deep clogs in your sewer line might be more expensive than clogs closer to the drains or sewer line openings. Removing common things like food or hair are typically inexpensive to clear but root removal is a much more difficult process and it will raise costs. Regularly scheduled routine maintenance can prevent this more excessive cost.
Commercial Hydro-jetting will likely be more expensive as they require more elaborate equipment which can raise the cost.
Clogs will build over time if they are not dealt with properly.
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