Look Up Age Water Heater

How old is my water heater?

If you are having any issues with your water and are not sure how to look up the age of the unit please call us and we can determine whether your water heater is forth fixing or replacing 

Look for a manufacturer label on the side of your water heater, which should have the installation date. You can alternatively use the serial number to determine the age of the unit, if it is missing or otherwise unreadable.
How to decode the serial number
Manufacturer:  American Water Heater  Serial Number:  ex. 9705123456 (YYWWxxxxxx) = 1997, 5th week (early February)  YY = year of manufacture  WW = week of manufacture
Manufacturer:  A.O. Smith  Serial Number:  ex. 97-05123456 (YY-MMxxxxxx) = 1997, May  YY = year of manufacture  MM = month of manufacture
Manufacturer: Rheem Water Heat and Ruud  Serial Number:   ex. 0597D1234 (MMYYxxxxx) = May 1997  MM = month of manufacture   YY = year of manufacture
Manufacturer:  Bradford White   Serial Number:   ex. PE1234567 (YMxxxxxxx) = P=1997 & E=May   Year Decoder:G=1990/2010; H=1991/2011; J=1992/2012; K=1993/2013; L=1994/2014; M=1995/2015; N=1996/2016; P=1997/2017; S=1998/2018; T=1999/2019; W=2000; X=2001; Y=2002; Z=2003; A=1984/2004; B=1985/2005; C=1986/2006; D=1987/2007; E=1988/2008; F=1989/2009  Month Decoder: A=JAN; B=FEB; C=MAR; D=APR; E=MAY;  F=JUNE; G=JULY; H=AUG; J=SEPT; K=OCT; L=NOV; M=DEC
For a complete water heater dating chart visit www.nachi.org/water-heater-dating-chart.htm
Time to replace your water heater
If your water heater is near it’s replacement date, it is wise to have it replaced before it fails. The lifetime of a typical water heater can vary between 8 and 20 years. You might consider upgrading to an electric heat pump water heater. The super-efficient heat pump technology can save a three-person household up to $300 a year on utility bills. Many utilities also offer installation rebates as well.
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